Book It

So every year, Mr. Book and I will get to send Cricket a birthday present and a Christmas present–since his birthday is in early December, we decided that we’d always make the Christmas present two books, as we both love books and I know a lot about children’s books. Also, we get to dedicate them, which I quietly enjoy very much. Being the kind of woman that I am, I’ve been planning out books in advance, and while the list gets adjusted every so often, here are the first five years:

0. Last year we each picked a book we remembered fondly from our own childhoods: Bread and Jam for Francis for me and What Do People Do All Day? for Mr. Book.

1. Calico the Wonder Horse and The Kissing Hand.

2. Dinosaur vs. Bedtime and Katy and the Big Snow.

3. If I Ran the Circus and Miss Suzy.

4. The Mouse and His Child and This Is the Way to the Moon.

I’ve been writing an email to Ruth telling her that I did see Juno (at her suggestion), and I think I figured out something about the movie, so I’m going to include that snippet here: “The film’s so hip that I can’t imagine how it gets its pants on in the morning, and I find that annoying—but I was pissed at the movie, not just rolling my eyes at the unstoppable snap/crackle/poppy dialogue. I’ve been thinking about it for almost a week now, and I think what really bothers me is maybe not fair; if I had liked you guys only as much as Juno liked Vanessa, I never would have gone through with the adoption.” Juno’s relative calm after the placement also bothered me; after we placed Cricket, I was so sad I couldn’t stand. Bleh. Enough talking about a movie I dislike.

I was up until 6:30 this morning working, so I’m going to take it a bit slow today; Mr. Book has the day off, so there will be beer and hockey and probably pizza. We also went out to lunch at this Lebanese place that I love. Oh, and @TGM: If I was still living near you, I would so bring you a goodie basket on one of my baking days. I need more people to feed!!

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