Planned Parenthood Rocks

So I briefly mentioned that I was at Planned Parenthood yesterday—here’s what I forgot to say. On the history, I had to fill in “Pregnancies: 1, Live Births: 1,” which is something I’ve been dreading—and no one asked about it. Such a relief. I know that when I do get pregnant with futurekid I’ll have to go over all that crap with a doctor…but I’d rather have that conversation only once, if I can manage it. The pills are making me sick so far, which I vaguely remember from when I first went on—hopefully that won’t last too much longer.

I have been sort of vaguely planning things for the visit (which is less than two weeks away now). I’ve got a menu, I’ve made everything on it and taken notes—the remaining menu question concerns dessert. When we go up to the Emerald City, we’ve always brought dessert; Ruth hasn’t mentioned anything about bringing something to us, and she’s got to wrangle the baby, so I can certainly see that she might not have time. But does that mean that I should make dessert (assuming that she won’t bring anything) or not make something (assuming that she will)? Right now I’m leaning toward either a casual dessert (why, we just happened to have these madeleines lying around!) or a secret dessert (hidden when they arrive, brought out if it turns out that they didn’t bring anything). Yes, I am obsessing over this in kind of a weird way.

I’m supposed to be throwing my little sister a bridal shower in four weeks—only now it may be being taken away from me and given to the maid of honor, whom I don’t even really like and who already has her bachelorette party to plan. Grr. The blushing bride-to-be is I think a little overwhelmed by wedding stuff, and it’s making her grouchy. I don’t feel like that’s my fault, but I don’t want to be contributing to her stress…. Bleh.

I’m tired and headachy and going to leave this one here.