Weekend Adoption Quickie

For whatever reasons, I now associate the Beach Boys with the relinquishment, and can’t listen to their music without crying. I was living in California during that series of events—it’s where I was born, the homeland. I think of the Beach Boys as singing about the America that I really love, the cheerful, loyal, beach-going America. And now my experience is tainted, in part perhaps by hearing “Surfing U.S.A.” on the radio over and over again when Ruth and Nora brought Cricket south for that first visit. There might be a reasonable case to be made for “God Only Knows,” but God help you when you’re sobbing though “Kokomo.”


2 thoughts on “Weekend Adoption Quickie

  1. After I saw a documentary on the lead singer (Bryan Wilson? Is that right?), i think of their music as painful and melancholy, too. It only appears lighthearted, but there’s a deeper side.
    I try to forget Kokomo ever happened.

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