Good Gravy

Well, I haven’t been to bed yet, so this entry is going to be a short one. From the comments I’ve gotten and the blogs I’ve read, it sounds like the kids who really feel the adoption loss while they’re still smallish are transracial adoptees; does that sound like a reasonable statement? I’d like it if it was true, as it means I’ve got many years yet before I have to read Primal Wound. Since I am mercurial and unfair, this also makes me a bit sad—it means that I am unlikely to be “the other mama,” since he’ll have no obvious reason to feel connected to me until and unless he decides that the relationship is important as a teenager.

Work is pretty intense for me at the moment, ergo the not sleeping, but I’m working on a longish and interesting (at least to me) entry for tomorrow; just can’t get it into shape before I crash today. But I leave you with a quote from Amy Tan’s Joy Luck Club that sounds vaguely adoption-y: “How can she be her own person? When did I give her up?”