First things first: I am not pregnant. Woo! I wondered whether my feelings would be mixed, but nope: I’m just glad. And I’m sure I’ll be glad to be pregnant whenever that happens, but I’m delighted to put it off.

I’m probably going to keep thinking about the future pregnancy, and planning for it–I’ve decided to go ahead and start taking prenatal vitamins, for example, since there is some recommendation that you do that six months ahead and I figure it can’t hurt. I’m also going to have a cup of coffee immediately, and then a drink tonight. I mostly only have coffee or alcohol in the first half of my monthly cycle, just in case; that is maybe not the most balanced approach, but I did end up drinking a bit with Cricket because I just had no idea, and while he is practically perfect in every way it seems best to avoid the chance of FAS. Not like I’m a big drinker, anyway.

On Dawn‘s recommendation I’ve finally ordered Taking Charge of Your Fertility, which is something I’ve been meaning to pick up for awhile. Any number of women have told me that it contains a lot of information they wish they’d learned in health class, and since I am woefully ignorant of what goes on down yonder–time to educate myself!


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