I’m going to try out this adoption-free Friday thing, see how I like it.

The first time I ever saw pho, it was in Columbia, Missouri; my boyfriend liked to go to a strip mall downtown and order it, then sit and watch the news while he ate. I joined him a few times, but not to eat—I’d already been vegetarian for a pretty long time. But minus the undercooked meat, I have to say that it looked good to me. I never saw vegan pho until Ruth and Nora came to meet me in California; they arranged for us to go to a vegan world restaurant, and they had vegan pho, and I was delighted. The only downside to that restaurant was that they appeared to be run by a cult, ran “Supreme Master TV,” and had fortune cookies that contained lessons from the Supreme Master. I’ve been to vegan places in the Emerald City for pho: same deal, Supreme Master-owned and -operated. Finally, when Mr. Book and I moved to Stumptown, we found a vegan Vietnamese restaurant attached to a Buddhist monastery. We have escaped the influence of the Supreme Master!

Well, on Wednesday Mr. Book and I went back to the excellent vegan Vietnamese place only to find that they were playing the Supreme Master television channel. “They’ve found us!” Mr. Book hissed to me. I’m hoping that it was just a coincidence—that the monks were just drawn to the Supreme Master’s message of veganism and methane reduction—but I would rather not be supporting a cult. =/ I guess we’ll wait and see whether they progress to selling Supreme Master books and paraphernalia.

Also this week, Mr. Book and I finished watching The Prisoner, a very interesting and ancient television series; I’m trying to figure out what we should get from Netflix next. I welcome any recommendations. As for today, my sweetie has the day off, so we’ll go to the co-op and then goof off in town. Now that I think I’ve really mastered sourdough bread, I’m going to try my hand at whole wheat: time for new flour!


6 thoughts on “AFF

  1. The raw/vegan restaurant in our area is all about the Supreme Master too, and so I haven’t gone.

    And I found that whole wheat flour can work well for breading things that are going to be fried, but I was using meat then. (I promised Lee I’d make her fried chicken a few times a year because she loves mine, even though it’s hard to make and pretty wasteful to use so much oil especially on something so unhealthy.)

    • What I really want is to make dense (but not bricklike), slightly sweet whole wheat bread. I’m probably going to be frowning at recipes all day. The sourdough recipe I use takes about 36 hours, so I’m willing to put some time in–I’m just not certain of the best place to start. I usually use a mix of cornmeal and white flour for breading stuff pre-fry, but your technique sounds interesting. I became a vegetarian so early that I’ve really never cooked meat.

  2. LOL. I had never heard of “The Supreme Master” until your post. I had to look it up online. She is certainly quite the character, isn’t she? Hope your favorite restaurant stays low key on all things Supreme Master so you can continue to enjoy your vegan Pho…

    Best and peace…

    P.S. Love “meeting” other fans of Vietnamese food! I’ve been eating it for 20+ years thought prefer Bun to Pho…

  3. Okay, I’m netflix obsessed right now, and mostly working my way through TV shows that other people talk about: Dexter, True Blood, etc.

    I also watch a LOT of documentaries, but some of them got to be too heavy (including the BEST documentary, but it’s just WAY too sad…not sure how I made it through it) and I had to take a break. But I’ve got a few at the top of my queue right now so I’m back on that bandwagon.

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