Less So

Okay, more. Ruth has suggested that we visit late in February. In the last email I wrote to her, I kept having the impulse to write “You know what? Let’s close the adoption.” I didn’t, of course, and I don’t mostly want that, but when I got her email, I didn’t quite know what to do. So I took it to Mr. Book. “Of course, we should definitely go up there, it will have been two and a half months since we’ve seen him,” said he. So that’s I guess what we’re going to do. Not sure why I’m so ambivalent right now. We’ve been missing things: he’s walking now; he’s They also want us to visit during Passover, which could be a bit complicated—I think I’ll try to explain that I’ve got a lot of Catholic duties during the same time frame and see whether we can work something out.

I have also found the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. No foolin’: I have tried many, and this is simply the best.

Ruth outlined three future visits: February, April, and then she asked whether we would want to go to Nora’s family’s island in May or June. (Yes, they own an island. That whole income disparity thing really makes itself felt at times—while Ruth and Nora aren’t rich by any means, they are comfortable.) Honestly? No, that sounds awful to me; trapped, surrounded by their family, with no way out short of faking a medical emergency. But I think Mr. Book would enjoy seeing the island, and I think that Nora is excited about the idea. She doesn’t often seem interested in us or the relationship, so I’m hesitant to reject an overture from her. And, heck, I don’t really feel like I can refuse any visit without a really rock solid reason (i.e., better than “I don’t want to”).