Miranda Mammen is looking for interested birthmothers to be part of an art project:

For my project, tentatively titled Beyond Juno: The Birth Mother Project, I am seeking birth mothers, first mothers, women who have placed a child for adoption from the New York City region to be interviewed and photographed for a feminist art/activism project. Participation would require a physical meeting with me (roughly an hour and a half long), where I will conduct an informal interview regarding the participant’s life and experiences with adoption and capture some portrait photographs. The aim of the project is to give voice to birth mothers and to encourage discussion around their experiences and identities.

Please note that it is certainly possible for a participant to remain anonymous; a woman’s name can be changed and her face obscured if she prefers.

If you’re interested (I, alas, am far too far away), you can contact Miranda at; you might also check out her bl0g, Women’s Glib.