Clarification: This is Me

I’ll protect this post after a week or so, but just to clear up a possible misunderstanding; the picture at the top of the blog is me and my mom in 1983, and here I am with  my parents in May.


7 thoughts on “Clarification: This is Me

  1. Love the funny face!! (The dress is nice, too…)

    This is my favorite kind of wedding photo – fun and not formal. I know we’ve never met, but somehow having read your blog and then seeing you all goofed out in this photo…it just seems to fit.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    Best and peace.

  2. Great photo. I thought the woman in the daisy photo was you, too, and I admired the very vintage room in the background. Now it makes more sense, since it looks like my best friend’s grandma’s house in 1983!

  3. Thanks, everyone–my father was rather distressed that I picked this shot for the album, but it’s one of my favorites. =)

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