Sitter Envy

Sometimes I’m jealous of other people’s open adoptions—how could I not be? And one of the things that I most envy is the opportunity to babysit. There are basically two reasons why that isn’t going to happen with us: we don’t live in the same town, and even if we did, Ruth and Nora would never ask us.

I’d intended to write more, but I’m finding the topic depressing, so I’ll leave it at that. I’ll do better tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Sitter Envy

  1. I wish there was some magical “share” formula that would make such ideas float into everyone’s heads at once.

    I feel like you are so willing to remain open to Cricket that some pathway will unfold. Being willing to hold a spot as it were, maybe that does things you can’t even know you’re doing, like keeping soil rich not for the coming season, but for seasons to come.

  2. God I know it.

    The worst time for me was on a visit. Dee concluded the visit by announcing that they’d love to stay, but had to get home. She was going to an event that night and the sitter would be coming shortly.

    Oh how I GRIEVED in that moment. I thought of the countless hours (days!) I’ve spent babysitting my nieces, my nephews, other children and I thought about this stranger (of course, she wasn’t a stranger, she was Cupcake’s babysitter!) that would be watching my child…..and I would be driving home to sit in my apartment alone.

    That moment still haunts me sometimes. ((((Hugs))))

    (And you might have gotten me to write about this one later too)

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