Perhaps Molly

So I spent a bit of yesterday window surfing on the internet for toy trucks and balls—I do have some nesting block things that I may put out. Board books are a no-go, because he’s not allowed to chew on them, and having him reprimanded by Ruth for trying the last time was kind of depressing. I’m researching toy cars, which is a more interesting than I had expected—I haven’t really moved on to balls yet, because I’m not entirely sure where to start. If anyone feels like mentioning by name particular balls, trucks, etc. that their own kids went nuts for, email me or leave a comment and I will conducted an investigation. I can pick out things that seem to be well-made, or that seem to come from reputable companies, but there’s nothing like a personal recommendation. I know, of course, that it’s likely that Cricket will be disinterested in most if not all of what I have to offer, but there will be other kids in the future who can get some use out of them. Ruth seemed pleased in October that I’d have toys and they wouldn’t need to bring any, so I don’t think she’ll have a problem with my quiet acquisition of tiny trucks.

I got a strange email from one of Ruth’s friends—it was a mass email, sent to about fifty people, and it gives a schedule for an open house at Ruth and Nora’s this weekend along with directions to their home. I’m not quite sure what this means, but I think that unless I get an email from Ruth in the next few days telling me that it’s very important to her that we come, we’re not going. I’m glad that they have a community around them to provide support, I would like to be supportive, but spending six hours in the car in order to support them at home for an hour doesn’t seem like a good allocation of resources. I know that sounds cold. Like I say, if Ruth wants us there, we’ll go; but if she’s lukewarm, I think we’ll let it go at the card and emails. I hate waiting to find out, but Lord knows she’s got enough on her mind right now without spending energy on emails to yours truly. Mr. Book wants to just tell them now that we aren’t coming, but I feel we need to wait on them, since our last word to Ruth (written by me and vetted by the mister) was that we would come if she wants us to.

This might sound silly, but I’m also worrying a bit about having not putting out any toys traditionally targeted at girls. I don’t care personally, but Ruth and Nora work for balance to an extent that I admit seems at times goofy: he has dolls; they have encouraged him (unsuccessfully) to carry a purse. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally behind the idea of giving kids all plausible options, but I think it’s possible to go overboard. I do have a pretty cute stuffed bunny—perhaps that will be adequate “girl toy” representation. Balls, cars, stuffed rabbit named Molly. Yeah?