Nothing Much

First off, a couple of random toy notes: Ruth is explicitly opposed to electronic toys, and I guess I am too, albeit in a more relaxed sort of way, so things that make noise are probably out; and I’m kind of creeped out by realistic baby dolls, for whatever reason. If I end up having a child who longs for them, of course we’ll pick up a couple, but they aren’t going in the hope chest, darn it! 😉 I’m probably going to spend my March allowance on a couple of Vilac cars, which seem very nice, and a ball—that etsy ball is adorable!—I’ll also set out that smiling rabbit. And I’ll resign myself to the possibility that he’ll be most interested in playing with cans of Dr. Pepper. At home, his two favorite things are the box in which his toys are kept (he likes to sit in it) and a cushion from the couch that he likes to drag around.

Still no word on whether we’re supposed to visit on Saturday, and we’re both assuming “not” at this point. If we’re staying in town, we’ve decided to go out to a cheap dinner at that vegan Vietnamese place with some of the woulda-been gas money. Mr. Book had the day off yesterday, but ended up in bed with a migraine for most of the day while I ran errands and bullied him with cold compresses. Today is my support group, but I’m taking a people-free day.

Edited to add: Thanks especially, Andy and Thorn, for the support of the internet lesbian mother community. 😉 I grew up not allowed to play with “boy toys” myself, which is a crappy policy–I would have loved to have Transformers as allies to the wild My Little Pony clans who warred against Barbie in my imagination. Ah, well.

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