Spent yesterday not feeling well—I’m sure it’s a psychological problem, but it does mean that I have very little to report. I’m feeling really discouraged, and since I don’t have work right now, I really can just spend all day in bed—and might. Maybe a couple of days. I know I’m sounding a tad self-dramatizing here, but I don’t have anything much that I need to do this week other than make dinner every day; maybe giving in for awhile would make me feel better long term? I know that the answer is “probably not!” but with the mood I’m in, I want to give it a shot.


2 thoughts on “Bleh

  1. Sorry to hear that you are feeling “bleh” and discouraged. Hope that you don’t sink too far down into wallow-dom should you decide to pursue the spending-a-few-days-in-bed course of action (or non-action, as it were…) Will be thinking of you and sending positive energy your way (know what it’s like to want to spend days and days in bed…or, in my case, on the couch in our basement.) Try to do some good self-care.

    best and peace.

  2. There are worse things you could do than curl up in bed and hibernate for a while. Maybe when you surface, it will be spring in more ways than just the actual. Be kind to yourself and go easy, plus all shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.

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