Adoption-Free Friday

I’m not super interesting today, so I’m going to tell you five random things about myself; like a meme, only more shameless. 😉

-When I see mounted police, I (unconsciously and) unironically call them “horsie cops.” Out loud. To other adults. This may be a relic of not having encountered many officers on horses since early childhood, but, um. Sort of embarrassing.

-I’ve been a vegetarian longer than I was an omnivore; I think it’s probably a permanent change. That said, I can never quite talk myself into veganism—when I start to try, my husband worries. He’s not a vegetarian, but is happy to live in a vegetarian home. I think, though, that he would really mourn the loss of cheese.

-One of my favorite drinks is diet 7-Up mixed with orange juice and a lot of ice. I started drinking it in college, when I’d get up crazy early and have low blood sugar with nausea—I also drank a ton of it when I was pregnant. Now I’m at moderate levels of consumption, and I kind of want to name the concoction.

-I have bangs because I’m convinced that I have a huge forehead (aka “fivehead). My husband doesn’t like them (and at least pretends that he disagrees with me about forehead size), so I’m sort of kind of trying to grow them out, but I’m supposed to get my hair cut on Sunday and really have no idea what to ask for. I have fine, thin, straight hair. And sort of bangs. Both of my sisters have lovely thick hair—they can do anything. [jealous]

-My eyes are getting worse and worse, but I almost never wear my glasses outside the house. It’s not a vanity thing—believe me—I just don’t think of myself as a person who wears glasses. I know how goofy that sounds. I am wearing them more and more now, and I’m always astonished to find that I can see each individual leaf on a tree, or blades of grass. My parents are both wearing bifocals at age fifty, so I probably need to get used to the idea.


6 thoughts on “Adoption-Free Friday

  1. I had the same uninspired kind of day, and posted five random things that were all me, me, me for my AFF too 🙂

  2. Psh – nonsense!!!!

    We all have “those” days, and if it’s the same day for us? Well, I’m glad to have you as my “uninspired Friday” gal pal! 🙂

  3. Me, too, about the vegetarian stuff. I’ve been veg for more than half my life, but don’t feel like I can do vegan, at least until my kids are grown. I have a couple of kids with no body fat already and to think of not giving them dairy for fat and eggs for easy protein seems too scary, or too hard.

  4. We used to do that drink (with regular 7-up, though) all the time when I was a kid! My mom always called them Orange Fizzers. I don’t know if that’s the official name for them, or if that’s more like a root beer float (since we used the same name for 7-up + orange juice + vanilla ice cream)

    Sorry, I’m coming into this blog oh-so-late through an link, so this comment probably seems rather random!

    • I used to make ice cream floats with orange soda and vanilla ice cream–your variation sounds excellent. =) And welcome!

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