Making a Switch

I changed Cricket’s present. This is mostly because the truck is listed as “3+,” and while most of the reviews I read talked about giving it to much younger kids (it has no sharp edges or small parts), I worry that Ruth would not be comfortable disregarding the guideline. I’m sure I’ll give it to him at some point—maybe next year—but not this week. I keep wanting to give books, but I think that books are probably not super exciting to a fifteen-month-old child; so I picked out this:

real rubber wheels, even

It is a little more than five inches long, and intended for “12m+,” so I think I’m in the clear. It’s a Vilac car—I have a few of these in the hope chest, and think they’re great—lovely and sturdy little cars made out of lacquered (child-safe!) wood. One advantage of this little car is that I can wrap it (the truck was too awkwardly shaped), and thus I can attach this:

to the outside. It is a toddler crayon I got on etsy. =) It’s sort of cheating—two gifts in the guise of one—but it seemed like the right thing to do. See, I often find baby/kid stuff that I like, and want for the hope chest; this crayon, though, I saw and wanted specifically for Cricket. This was after I had gotten the truck, however, and there’s just no graceful way to link the two, though believe me I tried. The crayon being a gender-neutral gift is an added bonus.

Hopefully he will like at least one of these things.