Slicing Carrots, Counting Down

Today is about getting ready for tomorrow. I went to a couple of grocery stores (spent too much on fruit), and now I’m cooking, glaring at my hair, and trying on clothes. It’s a beautiful day here, almost 70 degrees and breezy. I’m anxious about the upcoming visit, but I am at least finally convinced that it’s going to happen. Mr. Book has been at work all day, and we didn’t have a great yesterday—nothing dramatic, just slightly misreading each other’s signal’s all day—so I’m planning some relaxing beer and vegan taquitos for when he gets home.

I have exchanged emails with Ruth confirming that yes, we will see them tomorrow, and she suggested that the Mr. and I might want to go for a walk during Cricket’s nap the way we did last time: “[After your little jaunt last time,] It was really nice to see you seem a little more at east last time and being more affectionate and playful.”  Busted! I’m hoping that the gift car will give me an opening to interact with the kid; of course, now he can walk, so maybe he’ll walk over to me and start something. What a weird idea.

Wish me luck, please.


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