Oh Good, Parasites

Our cat has fleas! Noooo!!

This is the first time I’ve had to deal with fleas—Aztec is an indoor cat, but the Mr. has been letting him out onto our balcony for fresh air and sunshine. No longer! Apparently fleas are a huge problem in Stumptown. I broke the news to the Mr. when he got home, and we got to give the little guy a bath. Mr. Book had never washed a cat before, so we had a few near escapes, but he got thoroughly soaped up and most of the fleas are dead. Now we’re just waiting on the terrifying pesticides to arrive from amazon.com so that we can smear them on his shoulder blades. In the meantime, he’s not allowed in the bedroom, so he pounds on the door and howls at night.

Thanks to everyone who commented yesterday: it’s pretty unlikely that I’ll say anything, as Amanda voiced my fears pretty clearly. Ruth and Nora could see that we were much warmer than they were, but were sure that we were wrong about the temperature/how we were feeling—since Cricket’s not in real danger, it doesn’t seem work bringing up to Ruth. I was talking with my therapist this week about how I am 100 percent certain that Ruth will end up giving us unsolicited parenting advice. She means well, but is sure that she has more and better information than we do most of the time. She has asked if I have parenting advice once or twice, and I’ve tried to be useful without being pushy (e.g., suggesting a book that she ended up finding helpful); I really dread appearing pushy. Of course, if she were my sister, I’d say something. (shrugs) She had some concerns while I was pregnant and shared them with me (that I wasn’t showing enough, that I was having a diet coke), so I assume it will be similar when I’ve got a babe in arms. They will probably cluck over how poor futurekid must be just freezing! 😉


4 thoughts on “Oh Good, Parasites

  1. Hi Susie. I jumped over from your interview with Maru. I have only read a few posts, but I love hearing what you have to say. Thanks for being so open & honest!!!

  2. Maybe I’m projecting here from what I’d imagine I’d feel if our situation were different, but my best guess is that when futurekid is in your arms, Cricket’s two adoptive moms will be very very happy for you & Mr Book, happier than they might even have imagined.

  3. Since random people in the grocery store give unsolicited parenting advice, I guess it is pretty realistic to assume you’ll get some from Ruth and Nora. They may not realize how loaded that would be for you.

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