First off, thanks to everyone who said something nice yesterday and on Monday—I’m pretty sick, which is I think a good sign for the viability of the creature, which is (according to the internet) now the size of a raspberry. This is kind of terrifying, and Mr. Book has had to give me a couple of “You will be a good mom” pep talks already. I guess we’ll see.

I’m going to talk about my body a bit, so if you’re not into that, consider yourself warned.

I’ve never liked having big breasts, at least in part because I got them in fourth grade, long before that kind of thing seemed appropriate. During puberty, I got stretch marks all over my body: hips, breasts, and even in the middle of my back. Well, they’ve been hurting a lot for the last few weeks, and yesterday I finally realized that they’re bigger. (Mr. Book confirms this . . . and laughed at me!) I also have new stretch marks thereupon. And I’m already producing colostrum, which seems to me super premature. Booo. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised—the boob faerie came to call last time as well—in day 1 pictures of me and Cricket, he is dwarfed by whichever breast he rests on. And he wasn’t a small baby. Guess I need some new bras….


4 thoughts on “7w1d

  1. YAY Susie! You will be an awesome mom (this comes off so clearly in your words)!! Hope that you get to feeling better before too long. Any thoughts on how you’ll refer to futurekid in utero? A lot of people go with “bean” I’ve noticed…anyway, you have time to play with different terms of endearment. Congrats again!

  2. Congratulations, again 🙂 Someone once told me that only good parents worry about whether they are good parents. Seeing how much you think about parenting, I think you’ll be fine. Hope you don’t feel too awful.

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