Thank You

I am totally overwhelmed by some of the offers I’ve gotten by comment and email—once I hit twelve weeks, I will totally contact a couple of you, but I wanted to immediately say THANK YOU. I am touched and grateful and really excited at the prospect of some hand-me-downs. My mother has been trying to reassure me by talking about how she got a lot of hand-me-downs from her sister, but I don’t have any family within a thousand miles, and even those faraway Book relatives are mostly childless or far enough past having little kids that they don’t have any onesies in the attic (as in, their kids are older than I am).

In completely random but exciting news, my parents combined my birthday present and the Mister’s for this year and just sent us a digital camera! Now we can take our own pictures on visits with Cricket, in addition of course to getting thousands of shots of our futurekid. Right now I’m just practicing on the cat.

Have a good weekend, everybody, and God bless.