The Ballgame

Mr. Book and I are both sports fans: I’m most into baseball, with moderate interest in hockey, basketball, and college football; he’s most into hockey and baseball, with moderate interest in college football and a passing interest in European soccer leagues. I’m from California, so I root for the Angels and the Ducks; he’s from Toronto, so he roots for the Jays and the Leafs. We’re able to keep it friendly at least in part because both of his teams are terrible—not to go into excruciating detail, but the Jays are perpetually fighting for last place in their division and the Leafs have been really brutally mismanaged for most of the last fifty years. When I was growing up, the Angels were always terrible, so I know what that feeling is like, and it’s left me sort of a wary fan—I’m always waiting for the team to blow the game for no real reason—but now they’re pretty good, and have been for a few years, and it’s a nice feeling.

Last year, I decided that we needed to hash out our sports strategy as it relates to futurekid. I made what I thought was a reasonable proposal: “I get the Angels, and you get the Leafs. The Jays will never have a prayer and you know it.” This is just fact, folks—even if the Jays weren’t perpetually a lousy team, they’re in a really tough division. And my husband knows it. He dug in his heels, though, and scowled when I added these

to the hope chest. A month or so later, however, Mr. Book came to me and conceded; futurekid/s can be Angels fans. He won’t fight it. I have a theory about how this is because he realized that his Jays will never have a prayer and that it would be tantamount to child abuse, but he finds this version of events really frustrating for some reason. 😉

Meant to reply to Mia’s comment yesterday but didn’t get around to it—I don’t at all understand a gender preference that doesn’t end by the time you see the baby. Before I got pregnant with Cricket, I only ever wanted a little girl—then I got pregnant, and after spending many months with the boy and then meeting him, now I long for a boy—so I take it for granted that once I see the kidlet, I’ll just be delighted. Guess I should be grateful, if not everyone’s preferences are so malleable.

7 thoughts on “The Ballgame

  1. I discovered your blog through one of the boards at, but this, *this* moved me to comment. I am a huge Angels fan! I wonder if it was last week’s sweep of the Jays that convinced him? Congratulations to both of you on futurekid. He or she will look great in these onesies! 🙂

    (My daughter was adopted by New Yorkers. If we eventually reunite, that could be a big area of tension… 😛 )

  2. These onesies are adorable! I liked the movie Angels in the Outfield when it came out in the theaters, and I just read on Wikipedia that there were two sequels, Angels in the Endzone and Angels in the Infield. Out of deference to Mr. Book and the Leafs, I hope they hold off on Angels in the Penalty Box. =)
    I am with you on gender preferences. And at the societal level in the U.S., I’m glad that there’s not a consensus that one is preferable to the other. There’s been a lot written about the missing girls in China and India, so I’ve been interested to read that lately South Korean families have been hoping for daughters / more attentive caregivers. Hope you are having a good day!

  3. My husband=diehard Red Sox fan. Only kid (thus far) at all into baseball (although mostly soccer) #2=Cubs fan. Just sayin’ the best laid plans… (& my hubby didn’t have to fight me for any of it; he just had to cede that I’d have the kids watch figure skating, which they adore). 😉

    I LOVE that you are having fun as you go here now.

    • I am jamming my thumbs in my ears, ma’am, and I say that with the utmost respect–the futurekid is going to be dragged to games regardless, so I’m going to just pray that s/he’ll like them. [worries] I do have some concerns that we’ll end up with a tiny Mariners fans; I talk an awful lot of trash about the Mariners.

  4. Ummmm, you need to tell Mr Book that NOBODY wants to be a Leafs fan, not even Leafs fans!!! LOL – thankfully the only sport that is hardcore in our house is hockey, and we both cheer for the home town boys, no matter what. Hopefully they give me something to cheer about tonight though!

    I love dressing my kid up on sports gear. It’s so much fun. I really hope your passion for your sports (& teams) is as contagious in your household as it’s been in ours.

    • We’ve been watching a ton of playoff hockey too, and last night I was treated to a speech about how if Pat Quinn had been able to stop trading away great players for pocket change and get over his preference for slow, old, tough players, he would currently be the King of Toronto. Seriously, he invoked constitutional monarchy! 😉

  5. That’s what I would think, too, about the sex. I wanted girls, but if I had a boy first I am sure he would have become my new gold standard, and I’m sure I wouldn’t spend the next 12 years telling people I only wanted girls, sigh.

    I’m not a sports fan, but I am crafty, and tried to indoctrinate my kids into my artsy-craftsy ways. 50% success, and one is actively anti-craft. So you may end up with a Leafs fan no matter what you and Mr. Book agree on!

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