Food . . . Triangle

Susie: How can I feel so shaky and awful? I only threw up stomach acid!

Mister: Highlighting the fact that there was no food in there! You need to eat!

It’s sort of amazing; every time I start worrying that maybe the positive tests were mistakes and I’m not pregnant and actually a lunatic, I throw up again. I do find it perversely reassuring—I remember reading last time that it’s a good sign for healthy placental development, so savor that vomit! But I do think that the smell of fried eggs (which I have always loathed) was a contributing factor this time. In other “Yes, Goofus, you aren’t imagining things” symptoms, I was thinking about Dr. M.L. King while walking home from the bus stop and started to cry. I also think I’ve lost a bit of weight, as my pants are starting to fall down when I walk, despite the fact that my stomach looks definitely pregnant when I see it bare.

I dreamed that the bean was a daughter, and now that’s what I think I’m carrying, and I’m really excited. I think that’s part of why I’ve started sounding more enthusiastic; I’m starting to connect with the bean as a person, which of course will make things much worse if anything goes wrong, but right now it feels pretty good. My therapist also, without getting this news from me, told me last night that she thinks it’s a girl. I am completely thrilled. (She also said that I have the pregnancy glow going on, but since I feel like the crud you scrap out from the bottom of the oven, I have to believe that she was just trying to make me feel better.) People keep asking me whether I’m eating okay, and I have gotten used to just cheerfully saying no—Luna bars, skim milk, and ginger ale make up 90% of my diet right now. I mean, two of those three things are good for you—and there isn’t that much ginger ale—but my mother cannot hide her horror. Four pregnancies, and she never had a moment’s nausea.

7 thoughts on “Food . . . Triangle

  1. I have heard several times that the hormones/chemicals that cause morning sickness are linked to the bean’s sex, and that higher amounts of them are often linked to girls. I was awfully sick, and I had a girl. 🙂 Also, I knew in my guts that she was, well, a *she* before any ultrasound.

    Kinda cool, the feelings you’re experiencing, right? May you find many tasty flavors of Luna bars. 🙂

  2. Well, I was really, reaaalllyyy sick and I had a boy so who knows! I did have a strong feeling that I was having a boy, though.

    Smells were a huge trigger for my nausea and vomiting. And talking about food. Or thinking about food. Actually eating food? Out of the question! Hope that you are sick long enough to feel reassured and then promptly start feeling wondeful!

  3. I was super sick all 9 months and had a boy BabySister had no sickness at all with her first girl some sickness with her second girl

    hope your sickness passes soon (or the very least doesn’t hang around for the entire pregnancy)!

  4. I was never nauseated and had three girls. But I had terrible heartburn with my second pregnancy, and everyone said that meant the baby’d be born with long hair. She was–she came out looking like Loretta Lynn.

    I lived on protein shakes, KitKat bars and Pepsi. Shameful.

  5. Sick sick sick, 3 boys.
    Pop tarts. Jelly beans. Goldfish crackers. Baguette. Ginger ale.

    As I told my mother in law who worried I wasn’t eating enough, the species has survived thousands of years. It seems like I won’t change that.

    I love your dreams!

    • I am so glad to see these other diets. I had a strong desire for Doritos for a couple of days, which I normally find quite gross, but couldn’t bring myself to actually go to the store and buy them. But with Cricket, I did go through about a can of jellied cranberry sauce per week for the last half of the pregnancy. Not 100 percent sure what that was about….

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