Can’t Stop Blogging

But seriously, just wanted to drop a note saying that my sister coaxed me into sending Ruth the “little visitor” email. I guess I just want to get it on the record that it went out this morning so that I can see how long it takes for me to hear back. She pointed out that their reaction is unlikely to be worse than the one I imagine, everyone in the world finds out in two days, and the uncertainty is making me more anxious than even a fairly rude response would. So now it is done.


2 thoughts on “Can’t Stop Blogging

  1. I am sending telepathic messages to two women I don’t know cuing them to be supportive of you and your family. I figure it can’t hurt.

  2. I’m right there with Johannah, and also agree with your sister that uncertainty is far worse than a crap-o response. But let’s hope for the best…

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