Late-Breaking Update

So I emailed Ruth this morning to tell her about the pregnancy and also be just generally chatty; Nora has just emailed Mr. Book to find out whether I’m really pregnant. This is actually one I didn’t anticipate! I told him to feel free to either pretend not to know what they’re talking about or leave them in suspense for awhile, but that’s just my intense irritation talking.


19 thoughts on “Late-Breaking Update

    • ETA: It is possible that I am overreacting, because I am sort of mad right now. Maybe they just feel more comfortable talking to him about this right now because they are surprised and or unhappy, and they wanted to be sure that he knew. Maybe they don’t know what to say. But, um, it sounded like they were asking him to confirm/deny.

  1. Whhhaaattt?!?! Well, that’s an . . . unusual response. I totally don’t think you are overreacting. And if they wanted to be sure he knew, that’s still weird. Why wouldn’t he know??? Susie, I hope they come to their senses and send you a lovely congratulations, which is exactly what you deserve.

  2. incredible. I guess I had a little more faith in them than that. Its one thing to be surprised and caught off guard. Entirely something different to doubt your honesty, and then go around you to try to find out the truth. So sorry you aren’t being allowed the joy you deserve surrounding this pregnancy.

  3. Umm, that response was totally uncalled for and ridiculous. You are not overreacting — I just choked on my coffee (truly) when I read that.

  4. One other thought (trying desperately to make sense of what seems like a crazy response to your email)… did you use any kind of euphemism, like “I’m expecting” as opposed to “I’m pregnant”? If so, maybe they wanted to make sure you meant what they thought before they congratulated you, in order to avoid a misundertanding that would be painful for you if they thought you were pregnant but you meant something else?

    • Well, I went on a bit, but the email definitely contained the sentence: “I wanted to let you know that I’m expecting—I’ll be having a baby late this fall, and [my husband] and I are really looking forward to parenting.”

      • That certainly sounds clear. I guess my ‘innocent misunderstanding hypothesis’ is out the window. So weird how they handled it.

  5. I’m with the WHAAT responses. And I am betting that they were pretty thrown off-guard & kind of checking not so much that you’re pregnant than that all is well with you & Mr. Book? Am I grasping at straws?

    Clearly, showing up with a telling belly would not have gone very well.

  6. I am shocked and appalled and very sorry the news-breaking took this unexpected turn. I hope that they get it together shortly and say nice things.

  7. No WAY! I’m also trying very hard to give it a generous read and maybe, maybe they wanted to check with the Mr. that you actually are okay with this and happy and so on, not just putting on a front for them. But still, what?????

  8. Holy mackerel. How ridiculous!

    First of all, to not believe you in the first place!! And then, can we say inappropriate to run to Mr. Book for confirmation???

    Your intense irritation is COMPLETELY deserved here. I don’t see how they can possibly justify their actions these days…And I wish I could give you some IRL hugs.

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