Today I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off, so a short list!

  • We got the results of the quad screen back and everything looks good
  • I have to steam the carpets today, blargle arg!
  • I went ahead and burned that mix cd I worked on for months—don’t know whether I’ll actually give it to Cricket, but if I want to, it’s all set to go!
  • Making a plan for handling drugs and depression was something I spent a couple of months on; I definitely appreciate all advice, but I am going off drugs now and hopefully staying off. If I start to experience PPD, I’ll revisit that decision. Tips about B vitamins etc. are going on the list and being discussed with the husband.
  • Talked to my mother (I usually call on Sundays, but I anticipate spending Sunday in bed feeling awful, so wanted to get it taken care of sooner), and she asked me “So are you going to call this one [the first name we gave Cricket]? Or will it be [the middle name we gave Cricket]?” We’ve had this conversation at least half a dozen times over the last year and a half, and I’ve expressed horror at the idea every time, so I was a bit curt this time. She is really convinced that we’re going to recycle, though, and apparently nothing I say can dent that certainty.
  • I still don’t know when they are coming, or whether I need to feed them lunch.
  • Ruth and Nora would completely hate the mix cd I made, so even if I give it to him/them, it won’t get played. So it’s low stakes, maybe!