Today I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off, so a short list!

  • We got the results of the quad screen back and everything looks good
  • I have to steam the carpets today, blargle arg!
  • I went ahead and burned that mix cd I worked on for months—don’t know whether I’ll actually give it to Cricket, but if I want to, it’s all set to go!
  • Making a plan for handling drugs and depression was something I spent a couple of months on; I definitely appreciate all advice, but I am going off drugs now and hopefully staying off. If I start to experience PPD, I’ll revisit that decision. Tips about B vitamins etc. are going on the list and being discussed with the husband.
  • Talked to my mother (I usually call on Sundays, but I anticipate spending Sunday in bed feeling awful, so wanted to get it taken care of sooner), and she asked me “So are you going to call this one [the first name we gave Cricket]? Or will it be [the middle name we gave Cricket]?” We’ve had this conversation at least half a dozen times over the last year and a half, and I’ve expressed horror at the idea every time, so I was a bit curt this time. She is really convinced that we’re going to recycle, though, and apparently nothing I say can dent that certainty.
  • I still don’t know when they are coming, or whether I need to feed them lunch.
  • Ruth and Nora would completely hate the mix cd I made, so even if I give it to him/them, it won’t get played. So it’s low stakes, maybe!

11 thoughts on “List!

    • 😀 I want to send you a long email, but it won’t be until Sunday–I’ve got salsa, I’ve got clean carpets, but oh Lord the dishes and kitchen floor….

  1. Hi! I just found your blog today and just wanted to say hi – so excited about the pregnancy-after-placement aspect, since I’m staring down the barrel of that one myself (which, on second thought, was probably a bad way to put that…but it’s a little how I’m feeling) and welcome the perspective. So, good luck, and thanks!

  2. Thinking of you!! How did things go? Did you give Cricket the mix cd? Are you exhausted?

    Happy to hear about the quad screen! I can imagine the conversations about name recycling have been so frustrating. I know that you guys will come up with another awesome name / combination of names. Have you checked out any baby books recently on the topic of naming or otherwise?

    • Well, this is the most annoying part; we’ve had a name picked out for over a year, and I’ve mentioned it during each of these conversations. I’m not sure whether I’ll use the kid’s real name on the blog–I kind of want to, and it seems relatively harmless–especially since we’ll be calling him something that isn’t his first name.

      • Oh! I did give the mix cd to Ruth, and yeah, today is my fall down and lie around day. Thanks for the thoughts. =)

      • I am super excited to read about the visit! It sounds like you were so wonderful with Cricket. So glad you gave Ruth the mix cd! It is something to cherish. And it’s SO awesome that you guys have picked out a name for the little bird! I’m not that artsy but it could be fun to make a place mat for him with his name on it or decorate label bookplates with his name.

  3. @Meredith–while that is a cool idea, honestly, I would be worried about tempting fate–I already worry almost every day that the kid will die before birth. I am a cheery sort.

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