I think someone emailed me asking for the password and that her email was devoured by the spam folder before I realized what was happening. If this is you (or you just want the password), resend! And I apologize.

4 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. It wasn’t me, but I would love to have the password, too. I’ve been reading you recently — got here from Production Not Reproduction. I’m a terrible lurker — sorry. I don’t have a blog to share in return, but I promise I’m not creepy. =) I’m waiting to adopt and have been reading as many adoption-related blogs as I can manage.

  2. I just wanted to tell you how great I this way of thinking is. Hope it’s ok to have done it here instead of where I read it.

    “Nope, just his perspective whatever it is–I’m not willing to assume that any other adoptees speak for him, whatever their positions.”

    • Thanks—I should add that I have read Primal Wound and the Sequel, and I don’t think I’m willfully ignorant of how hard adoption can be on adopted people. vOv

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