Fascinating Pregnancy Updates

I now can’t wash my hands with soap if I’m planning to eat in the next couple of hours because the smell of the soap is abruptly overpowering and makes me sure that everything tastes soapy.

I still get the sudden and very strong urge to barf at times, but can combat it by imagining a smooth, cool stone. Don’t know where that came from, but it’s working!

Cricket called me “Mama” a couple of times during the visit, and it made me deeply uncomfortable. Officially I am “Mama Susie,” and I know that’s a bit of a mouthful for a toddler (he calls “Papa Book” “Pot”), but it bothers me in a way that I failed to anticipate.

Ruth just sent me a very sweet email saying that they’d like to have another visit this summer because Cricket seemed really interested in us. I’d like to think that this is because we are a hoot, but realize that there could be other factors at play. She talked about how he doesn’t act this way with most people, and I tend to assume that he’s this affectionate with everyone, so hearing that makes me feel weird. Ah, what a useful word.

I read the Sears’ big purple baby book after reading online review of diaper creams—I thought you only used it if there was a rash, but some reviewers clearly use it every time they change a diaper, so I decided to acquire more information on best practices. (My conclusion: they are probably using cloth diapers, which we won’t.) Next up is a book on infant massage, which I’m very interested it; I massage the Mister, and my mom and sisters when they’re around, so why not the baby?

My mother told me quite some time ago that baby gowns are essential, and I was skeptical. But now that I’ve been thinking more about diapers, it has started to make sense to me, and I found some cute ones online. . . .

My sister Kate sent a toy lamb and a set of girly socks when we thought it was a girl—when we got photos of the little lad, she sent boy-type socks. At this point, they’re hoping to visit at Thanksgiving and see a new nephew. I hope that works out.

According to my pregnancy books, the little bird can hear us now. I guess that means that I should cut down on the swearing . . . soon, anyway. I’ve also ordered the Mister to make a mix cd for the stomach/headphones treatment, since he and I like very different music.

I really like the idea of baby powder, possibly because I’ve seen too many ‘50s screwball comedies. It seems not super common now, though—is there any harm in it, as long as you use talc-free stuff?

Many thanks to Sarah and her friend Lynne (who creates them) for sending me a lovely linen ring sling—I so want to try it out with the cat, but he’s been on a bit of a vomity streak lately, and I also don’t have the heart to get cat hair all over it!

I hope all of you have something fun planned this weekend. Happy Independence Day!


7 thoughts on “Fascinating Pregnancy Updates

  1. Yesterday Madison called Pennie “mommy” several times. In case we were confused she then said, “I’m saying mommy and I don’t mean YOU [pointing to me] I mean HER [pointing to Pennie]!” And we both just laughed but it does make me tired. I may write about it later. She missed Pennie a lot and I think this was her way of telling her.

    • That would be hard for me, I think; I admire your ability to deal with it gracefully, but it makes me want to buy you a drink.

  2. can’t believe you read the whole sears book! I’ve had it more than a year and I’m still not even half way through it. I find it helpful though, I like his approach (even if some women who don’t/can’t breastfeed think he’s a bit militant on that front).

    how wonderful that they want to plan another visit. sounds like cricket really connected this time. I imagine he must sense you are kin…

    • Okay, confession time—I did skip the bottle feeding chapter. But yeah, burned through the rest in a pregnant panic.

  3. Remy at about two, loved DUMB F*&Ks (well, dump trucks to others) & we made him say it again & again & again. Saskia does unleash s^%t sometimes & again, I’m always endeared. Call the union of concerned mothers on me.

    Gosh, pregnancy is so strange. I’m almost happy to forget just how strange a phenomenon it was. And visits are confusing, but I’m glad for the outreach in your direction. Maybe eventually there will be more that feels happily shared.

    And so glad for the sling!

    I only put on diaper rash cream when there’s a rash, myself (& use 7th generation diapers this time around, Huggies with the others, assuaging a little guilt at a high pricetag, still use Huggies wipes).

  4. I don’t know what the official wisdom is but my experience was that non-talc powders (like cornstarch-based ones) are hard on babies’ skin, which is why most (?) folks use ointments to prevent and treat rashes these days. Using random combinations of cloth and disposable diapers, the only diaper rashes my kids got were from eating too-acidic food once they were eating table food. Cherry tomatoes were the root of all evil as I recall.

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