Small Mercies

I’ve been craving tofu recently, which means that my lucky husband has been eating it all week. (Luckily, he genuinely likes it.) My cravings seem to be about 60/40 for healthy stuff/garbage, so I’m able to mostly eat the things that suddenly seem necessary. I bought some vegetarian Omega-3 supplements because I dimly remember the midwives being panicky about my unwillingness to eat fish oil a couple of years ago—and Cricket turned out wunnerful, so it’s got to be unnecessary, but I had a brief period of concern that lasted just long enough to let me order some pills from I’ve also gotten probably a dozen different fliers in the mail begging me to quit smoking. I’ve actually never smoked a cigarette in my life; I’ve got mild asthma and was too odd to feel much peer pressure as a teenager. All of these fliers speak to my pregnancy, and I know that these probably just turn up at people’s houses, but it’s still a bit peculiar. Heck, Parenting magazine started turning up in our mailbox, and I don’t really know how that happened.

I had an appointment with the midwives yesterday, and in four weeks I have gained no weight at all—I’m delighted, since I got huuuuge with Cricket. I also had to get stuck for gestational diabetes just because he was such a big baby; lucky me, even if I pass, I get tested twice. Mr. Book hasn’t been able to go to the last couple of appointments, and while I don’t care (it feels pretty normal for me to go alone, and it’s not like anything exciting is happening), he does. Unfortunately, when I’m making the appointments a month ahead of time, there’s just no way of knowing whether he’ll be off work—and the odds are always against it. Still, I made sure that he’d be able to go to the ultrasound, which is really the only interesting visit.

Haven’t heard back from Ruth in a couple of weeks, so am less confident that there will be another visit anytime soon, but am putting a birthday card in the mail for her today. It took me a long time to pick one out, but finally I found one with creepy balloons on it that struck me as hilarious.


6 thoughts on “Small Mercies

  1. I bet the anti-smoking stuff is tied to your participation in the state health plan. When F was still on the state plan we used to get stuff in the mail chastising us for all the poor parenting decisions they just *knew* we were making. It all stopped once she was off the plan. Lovely what passes for “heath education,” huh?

  2. Yay for tofu! What other cravings are you having? Glad it sounds like you had a good visit to the midwives. Wow, no weight gain in the past month!! Love the sound of Ruth’s bday card…

  3. Fish oil? Ya don’t say. I’ll have to look into that.

    It’s hilarious that you’re craving tofu. I was a vegetarian for 10 years. About a year ago I was like, fuck this, and started easing my body back onto meat – started with chicken broth and then fish etc etc until about 4 and a half months ago I ate my first hamburger. I got really sick and thought I hadn’t eased on slowly enough (turned out I was just pregnant, though). And after ALL THAT EFFORT to start eating meat again, my body is now REPULSED by it. It hasn’t swung so far back in the opposite direction that I’m craving tofu, but I’m all about fruits and veggies and milk and carbs. Also, broccoli is the shit. I could eat a pound of broccoli and still want more. Oh and I’m really into grapes. And I’m REALLY into milk, I drink about a gallon a day. No lie.

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