First off, I would very much like to thank blog reader Molly for the adorable and large-ish baby clothes; it turns out that overalls for toddlers are jaw-droppingly adorable. I also blew my monthly allowance on a toddler t-shirt with a pterosaur on it, which is basically an unrelated fact, but it did arrive on the same day. (I’m thinking teeny cowboy boots for next month—my husband is interested in pooling our allowances and getting a board game.)

My mother has apparently been pressuring my awesome sister Kate to have a baby. Kate is married, but she’s also 23, and she and her husband prefer to wait a few years—seems reasonable to me, the 27-year-old pregnant one, but our mother was pregnant with me (her first at)—oh, shoot, math time—wow, 23. Of course, my mother had four children and would have been delighted to have more, so she was on a slightly different trajectory than her three daughters are. As stupid as this is, when Kate first told me, my feelings were hurt for a minute: Why does our mom want Kate to bear grandkids yet find herself unable to give a crap about my little bird? Then, of course, I more reasonably snapped into feeling bad for Kate. Kate has responded I think very sensibly—by getting a puppy.

9 thoughts on “Grandkids

  1. Dude, your mom sounds like such a character. I’m sorry she’s not more excited about the little bird, but you’ll just have to pick up the slack by being even more excited!! Teeny cowboy boots sound like they would break my heart – but I plan on buying Shakespeare and Batman onesies with abandon once I know the sex. Funnily enough, my mother (who’s going around calling herself an expectant grandmother) thinks dressing/feeding/bonding with seabass is a terrible idea. Why are moms so strange? Are we inevitably also going to be strange as mothers? Ponderances.

  2. Oh and I was thinking of getting a puppy after the seabass is born – displace some loss by having something else to take care of. Max Power has vetoed this idea.

    • I mean, there were definitely days after the relinquishment when I only got out of bed because I knew that I needed to feed the cat, but he’s probably right—a puppy would be pretty intense at a rough time. You can borrow my cat….

      • Cats are mean. I had a cat (well, my apartment had a cat) and all it ever did was sit on my head and try to suffocate me while I slept. Plus, they don’t need much taking care of, which sort of ruins it. Maybe I’ll be a foster dog-owner. They have those!

  3. Oh, yay, I’m glad they arrived! There should be another box soon, with more things that are too big. 🙂 I did find V grew into things faster than I expected — those age ranges can be deceptive. (Also, while I’m thinking about it: G*rber onesies run small and Luv@ble Friends onesies run large. And if you’re ever unsure of what size diapers to buy, go up.)

    • My gosh, the second box is here, and while it threatens more, I clearly will need more than one thank-you note so will get to work on that!

  4. Susie, I have in my possession a pair of toddler size cowboy boots that I would be happy to send you! They were hand-me-downs to my boys, but I always forgot them in the closet until they were too small to fit anyone.

    • !! I would be embarrassingly grateful, and will email you my address. Mr. Book had a pair when he was a toddler, but his mother has kept pretty firm hold of them, darn it.

  5. Moms–there’s no pleasing them. I think my mom would have thought it was the wrong time for me to have a baby any time the angel Gabriel didn’t fly down to announce it. I was 27 when I had my first, but she kind of took the news like I was 17. But she’s happy with her grandkids now, and I really hope your mom will be, too.

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