1) Thank the person who gave you the award.

I have to thank the lovely and amazing ThanksgivingMom—of course the cupcake award would come from her! Someday I will be in California at a time when she’s free and then we’ll paint the town red.

2) Insert award into post.

3. Name 3 things you like about yourself.

1. I love my hands. I’m pretty bad at living in my body—with the notable exception of my hands. They cook, they massage, they write . . . and they haven’t swollen up at all yet this pregnancy, touch wood.

2. I think I’m hilarious. I think I’m funnier than anyone else does, and every couple of days we have a moment when I am actually choking with laughter at something that I said while Mr. Book looks curiously at me and waits for me to wind down. I have a little sing-song mantra that I share with him that goes “No one is as funny as me!” Those who know me can confirm that I think I’m funny—and may have something else to add. 😀

3. I’m a huge geek, which makes me happy. Not that there aren’t problems with my people, but I love gaming and comic books and my “geek inside” maternity shirt. I can’t wait to see the tiny dork or dorks we will raise.

4. Post a photo that you love.

This is perhaps obviously from our wedding; I have just mushed cake into my husband’s face, and I am laughing at him. He is about to laugh. My dad was pretty frustrated with the pictures I chose to go into our Official Wedding Album, this one among them, but this is so much better than the more posed pictures from that day. This is who we are.

5. Tagging Duties

Please, be tagged if you wish to be tagged; I’m lazy at this part. 😉