2 Genies, 3 Wishes

Another week, another long conversation with my mother. This was a good one, although I was a little stunned to discover afterwards that I’d been on the phone for two hours. I’m cautiously optimistic now, as she seems to still be excited about the little bird—she’s talking about coming up for a week in early December, which would be great. She has decided that we need two diaper genies—I explained that we’re planning on zero diaper genies, and that we can’t get every baby thing and aren’t prioritizing diaper disposal systems, and she said that my sisters will want to get the baby things, and that we should just put the genies on our list. I think this is what most moms of expectant moms do! (I’m not registering for diaper genies.)

I’ve got another appointment with the midwives tomorrow that I just want to skip; I’ll pee in a cup, I’ll hear the heartbeat, and then I’ll take the 45-minute bus trip back to the apartment. I might be more eager to check in if the little bird weren’t so active, but as it is, I know that he must be fine because he’s thumping around every day. I tried to wheedle the husband into giving me permission to reschedule for several weeks in the future, but he was not willing. Maybe one of you nice people could tell me that I don’t have to go? 😉 The one benefit to going to the appointment (in the privacy of my skull, I keep calling it “the stupid appointment”) is that it’s very near to Trader Joe’s, so I can pick up some of their salt and vinegar chips. Oh, right, and real groceries. Whatever.

I’m working under a deadline this week, but hopefully I can become more thoughtful thereafter.