Today is Mr. Book’s other birthday. He has two birthdays every year, one in April and one in August, and that’s more or less my fault. See, in my family, birthdays are a big deal—I got his early and was preparing to make a cake and so forth when he started trying to persuade me that in fact his birthday wasn’t coming up—it wasn’t April 24, but August 24! Obviously the most logical way for me to handle this was to give him two birthday celebrations, each of them with its own presents, cake, and fooferaw. It’s sort of like I’m trying to teach him a lesson, except the lesson could be read as “Lie to me and get lots of cake,” so maybe the message has been lost. Still, cake! His dinner request was for this artichoke pasta thing I made up a couple of months ago, and there will be dark chocolate cake with raspberries all over it. Also, I will sing. Unfortunately, he’s also got to spend part of it at the auto shop, hopefully just getting oil and filters changed with no accompanying bad news. Still, he has the day off work, so the day just can’t be that bad.

6 thoughts on “Birthdays!

    • Well, there’s not a recipe exactly, but here is what I do:

      I take several cloves of garlic (okay, I use a whole head, but I am a garlic fiend and this should be to taste), peel all the cloves, and then put then in a very small jar that I think used to hold olives. Then I add olive oil until the cloves are covered, put the whole thing in the oven at 350 for 20-30 minutes until the cloves look soft (precision here, or in any part of the recipe, is not key). In the meantime, I grate some parmesan cheese. Then, once the garlic is done, I remove and mash the cloves. I use the garlicky olive oil to panfry two cans (drained) of artichoke hearts. Once they are slightly browned, I add the garlic paste and then the artichokes to pasta–I like to use some variety of little curly pasta. Cheese goes on top. That’s it!

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