Zombie Book

Well, I’m still a bit dazed from lack of sleep, but will pull myself together enough for a list post! And have started writing an OART response, so that’s something.

  • At thirty weeks, the kid is already head down, hopefully planning to stay that way. I was breech myself, so I worry about that maybe more than some people do.
  • I keep being confused by the way that baby clothes are gendered. Pink fluffy things are for girls and blue things decorated with trucks are for boys: fine. But when plain yellow things or vine-patterned green things are marked as “girls,’” I feel like I’m missing part of the code.
  • I am officially not anemic! I’ve been a fairly conscientious vegetarian with regard to iron for years now, so it’s not a surprise, but: good news.
  • I have a mentor!  Catholic Charities has assigned me an official friend, an older woman who seems very nice. I had assumed that the mentoring was all about moral support, but the rules I signed went on at length about how I can ask her for rides but cannot ask for money. Um. I’ve been getting around pretty well on my own, thanks, and as for the other . . . gross. Still, moral support!
  • Half of the women in my support group are convinced that I’m having a girl, perhaps because the only other group baby has been a boy.
  • We have tentatively scheduled a visit for mid-October, after I get back from the homeland—after having to put it off twice, I’m not even a little bit excited, but this one does seem pretty likely to go forward (they are planning to come here).
  • I’ve been craving Kashmiri naan for awhile now, and decided to make it—and then couldn’t find a single jar of maraschino cherries in town! I ended up buying some online, and they are here now, and I have Big Plans for tomorrow. 😀
  • I got my hypnobirthing book in the mail! Now I just have to read it and study my way to self-soothing.
  • People occasionally ask me about the nursery, and I feel guilty. We have a couple of baby-appropriate pictures to hang, we’re in an apartment and not permitted to paint the walls—but even if we had our own house and a decorating budget, I don’t know that we’d really go full-on nursery. You can tell that this is the nursery because there’s a crib in it. fin
  • Did a phone interview/update with the adoption study people, this one full of weird questions about whether I am a racist and whether I would adopt transracially. They are sending me $25, which I have already spent on Babylegs.
  • I’m trying to decide whether we’re supposed to dress the kid up for Christmas. We won’t have any company or be visiting anyone this year, so I had sort of thought not—heck, I may not change out of pajamas for Christmas, depending on my mood—and then I remembered that we’ll certainly be sending Christmas pictures to my family at least. Hmm. Maybe we’ll just stick a bow on him.

9 thoughts on “Zombie Book

  1. Babies are cute no matter what they are wearing. I liked (& trust this is the kind of thing you will like) putting tiny Ezekiel in a laundry basket, say, or on the dishrack, to remember how tiny he really was once he grew (I figured he would, eventually, & that’s turned out to be true).

    Crib is plenty.

    Gendered clothing baffles me.

    Despite zombie lack of sleep, things sound… okay-er.

  2. Loved reading the update Susie! 30 weeks! =) I am glad you’re getting your iron and that the little bird is in a good position. Now if you Ditto on what you wrote about a nursery. That’s really interesting about yellow and green baby clothes, which I would have thought would be unisex. Maybe certain animals are considered feminine or masculine, too…I love Christmas and think the bow sounds cute! And maybe a Baby’s First Christmas ornament. Are you getting excited about the trip to CA?

    • The animals seem mostly reasonable (insofar as that’s possible), but there are a few that puzzle me: puppies and frogs for boys, okay, and kittens and rabbits for girls, fine—but apparently giraffes are also for girls? Mostly? Too odd. Oh, and I totally need an ornament! Would *not* have remembered that on my own.

  3. Wow — 30 weeks??? Your pregnancy is flying by (for me — I’m sure it is taking a lot longer for you)!!! And heads down? Clearly a gifted child. 🙂 I just can’t wait for the first baby pictures.

    • In some ways it’s flying—it doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was ~13 weeks and pretty sure that the barfing should end soon, right guys??—but the remaining 7–12 weeks still seem like forever. He’s also tireless, btw; last night from 2–4 a.m., the kicking did. not. stop. And I remained charmed by it, but jeez, kid!

  4. 1. Omg stick a bow on him and send me a picture. I’m totally doing that for the seabass, since he’ll be born right at Christmas. We shall exchange photos.
    2. You gotta let me know the dealio with hypnobirthing. I’m intrigued, but skeptical. I shall perhaps talk to my theoretical doula about it.
    3. I was hoping for a girl because you can dress girls in boys things without it being weird, but vice versa is just soooo societally inappropriate. As it is, I spend too much time walking around baby stores, looking at tiny human clothes. Alas. I bet you’ll get some super cute shit for the little bird, no doubt.

    • 1. + 2. It’s a deal! 3. I have found a lot of cute stuff, and that’s cool (if a result of waaay more time spent looking than I should admit to), but it still seems strange to me to have everything so completely binary. Little dresses are cute and there’s no denying it, and I won’t put the kid in a dress, but the idea that green is for girls and orange is for boys is still baffling to me.

  5. In the box I’m sending (as soon as I wash, the clothes are dusty!) there’s one Christmas outfit, although FYI it is cheesy. There’s also a stinking adorable sweater with yellow and green stripes that would be adorable with jeans or khakis in a Christmas picture! Christmas day, we only wear PJs, though 🙂

    The whole boy/girl stuff is a little weird. My girls are into dinosaurs and baseball and you can’t get that stuff in the girls section. So, they are always wearing boy clothes!

    • Perfect! Thank you! I think Christmas clothes for tiny kids are supposed to be kind of cheesy—heck, there are pictures of me as a toddler dressed up like a German shepherdess at the holidays.

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