Oh, Bother

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. =) It was a very quiet day, which I spent mostly alone and kind of sad—entirely my fault, as I convinced myself that Ruth and Nora would call, and that I would get to say hi to Cricket. Of course that didn’t happen, no reason why it should, but I did rather let it cast a pall over the day. My therapist has ordered me to make a list of my issues with and discontents in the adoption, and then write for each one who has control over it—the idea being that I will then be able to remind myself not to, e.g., get too upset about the fact that we won’t have a visit again until next year because there is nothing that I can do about it. Spend that energy on something else, Ms. Book.

Better news: flying to California in a few hours!


4 thoughts on “Oh, Bother

  1. I hope that you have a wonderful time in CA! =) I wish R&N had called…I’d have been hoping to hear from them the whole day. The list sounds like it could be useful, maybe expanded upon in the future.

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