<3 Zutano

It’s my last day in California, and I’ve spent the whole trip feeling isolated and sad. This has led to me not answering emails, commenting on other peoples’ blogs, or generally acting like a decent and social person, so if I have neglected you, I apologize. There’s really no good reason for me to be feeling/behaving this way, either; California has been very nice, and it’s been great to see my folks. There have been a number of good things that have happened, as well, which I’ll try to write about over the next day or two. But today I’ll just talk briefly about going downtown with my mother.


My mom and I went to get something to drink at a coffeehouse and then wandered around for a bit and window shopped—it’s just lovely here, 90 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, so all you need is an excuse to go walking around outside. We ended up going first into a toy store, where we looked at every gosh-darned thing in the place and my mom reminisced about what my siblings and I liked best when we were kids. We each ended up buying a birthday card suitable for a little boy—mine is for Cricket next year (we have one for this year already, purchased last year), and I wanted to ask whether hers is, too, but couldn’t think of a way for that to not be awkward if it isn’t.


Later we ended up in a store specializing in clothes for little kids—my mom mentioned that she had stopped in earlier, when we thought the little bird was a girl, and that she had found some cute dresses. She wanted to look at the boys’ clothes this time, especially at the baptismal outfits, since my current plan is to have him baptized in the gown I wore and she thinks that somewhat unsuitable (I should say that a male cousin of mine was also baptized in this gown; it’s hardly covered in little roses or what have you). She at first thought I should use the outfit my brother was baptized in, but it is much too small (he was six and a half pounds at birth, more than three pounds smaller than Cricket) and also not at all warm; the little bird is most likely going to be baptized in the Pacific Northwest in January, so the outfit worn by a Los Angeles baby in June is really not going to fit the bill. Plus I think it is kind of ugly, but that’s almost entirely beside the point. Anyhow, at the shop she kept pulling out and admiring these stiff little onesie-like suits with peter pan collars that I thought semi-awful and, again, really inadequate for January weather outside of Southern California. We looked at all the other boy clothes in the store, and I realized with faint horror that our tastes in baby clothes are diametrically opposed, and that I will probably hate whatever she gives the little lad—she loves tiny collared things, starched one-piece outfits with masculine embroidery, and sweater vests. Me . . . well, you’ll all see what I like soon enough, but perhaps it’s enough for now to say that I have a pile of Threadless onesies and tiny t-shirts, and that I have not bought a single thing with a collar. The things I’ve picked tend to be soft and flexible rather than being textured like fancy napkins. My mother will be horrified.

7 thoughts on “<3 Zutano

  1. I always love reading your updates Susie! I’m so sorry that you’ve been feeling sad. It makes sense to me though. You don’t mention any aches and pains, but it’s the last stretch of your third trimester. You’re away from Mr. Book and the nest. Trips home can be bittersweet and feel like a bit of a dance. Plus you’re processing and planning.

    That said, I’m glad you’ve had some beautiful weather and some good times. Your mom sounds excited about the little bird! That baby business attire sounds too funny (sweater vests!). What about a striped, long-sleeved onesie with a French collar? And a tie bib. =) Your taste sounds great, very cute and comfy. I say go with the baptism outfit you wore and say something about how photogenic it was.

  2. I love Zutano, too, and I love Hanna Andersson. I love very plain clothes for kids with fun graphics and bright colors, not necessarily gendered but I do like little girls in Hanna dresses with the high waist so they look like little girls.

  3. Every time your mama finds something you both like, it’ll be that much more of a gift.

    I have a feeling I’m with you in taste: easy, not necessarily gendered, soft. In agreement with Dawn on the Hannas/overalls & Zutano although they just don’t hold up all that well in my experience. Southern CA used to have babystyle & those clothes, I like them a lot. My sister sent Saskia just about the last dresses they had before going out of biz & I’ll be sad when she outgrows them, plain but soft, simple. Those really did Remy well (not dresses).

    I can only think & remember that these weeks–& the ones with tiniest baby–are so tender, as in fragile & as in sweet. But the feather tickle/pin drop that can bring on tears & sadness… well that’s really something. You’re reminding me of that part, both easily forgotten & impossible to forget. Be tender with yourself & don’t worry about anything but that; you are being tender for two.

  4. Your taste sounds lovely and cozy – I can’t imagine wearing starched collars myself, much less putting them on a baby.

    I hope your travel back to Mr. Book goes smoothly and that being back in your own nest is helpful.

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