Cm by Cm

On Wednesday, one of the midwives checked out my insides and announced that I’m slightly dilated, that my cervix has given up the ghost, and that “I can feel his head right there!” She predicted that I will give birth not this week, but next week; I know that her guess isn’t much better than mine, but productive contractions keep happening, so it seems entirely possible. After I have a spell of painful contractions, the little bird registers his disapproval in Morse code: his inaudible chants of “Attica! Attica!” are both entertaining and counterproductive (from his point of view), since they seem to encourage my uterus to get right back to work squeezing him. Poor little tyke!

Wednesday night, the Mister and I were watching a Halloween-y movie and I was [pre]laboring a bit; I was pretty uncomfortable and distracted, and he was worried.

“I’m not going to have a baby tonight. It’s okay.”

“What about tomorrow?”

“I mean, it’s pretty unlikely, but I won’t actually know until tomorrow.”

“That’s no good! I need a week! You need to make it happen!”

I guess it does sound pretty dubious, the idea that I can’t tell whether it’s going to be birth day until it is now, but I don’t have any better information for the poor man. I’m waking up a few times at night with painful contractions, I’m having them on and off throughout the day, and while I know this could theoretically go on for another six weeks, I don’t honestly expect that. Mr. Book has taken to watching me with a faintly troubled and suspicious look at these times—that could be because of my frequent and hilarious threats to hide in the bathroom and have the baby by myself. Oops.

The flipside of my comfortable certainty that I will be pregnant forever has become apparent; Mr. Book keeps looking intently at me and saying things like “We are going to be parents in a couple of weeks,” and then I feel suddenly and mysteriously light-headed. He thinks it’s my blood pressure, but I’m not so sure. —What do you know, there it goes again!

I’ll try to blog more regularly for the next little while, even if that means extremely short and scatter-brained updates; if I vanish, I want everyone to assume correctly that I’m Busy. 😉

9 thoughts on “Cm by Cm

  1. glad you’re thinking this pregnancy really can’t last forever, as it sounds like it just simply won’t.
    lightheadedness at the notion of caring for a human sounds just about right.
    & then you just will be caring for a tiny human.

  2. AHHH BABIES! Dude, I cannot believe you are contracting. To echo Dawn: weren’t we complaining about people inappropriately touching our barely-showing bellies just like, yesterday?

  3. I’d say you should give Mr. Book that one week notice now, and if you are off by a few days at least you tried 🙂

    Package will go in the mail for you and the Little Bird on Monday!

  4. Woohoo! That is so exciting. Pretty soon you’ll be packing your bag for the hospital, complete with the little bird’s going-home outfit. Ahh! =)

  5. Just thinking of you during this exciting time. I hope all goes smoothly and you have your son in your arms very soon – or when he is ready…

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