Another Lame Update

Two pieces of not-great news from the midwives yesterday. First off, I’ve made no progress in a week. Clearly I was right the first time, and will be pregnant forever. The other piece is also discouraging; in the last trimester, you’re supposed to gain about a pound a week, although this of course varies from lady to lady—I certainly gained more weight than that with Cricket. Well, I’ve gained no weight in three weeks, and there have been ketones in my urine—funnily enough, something that happens to Atkins dieters. The midwife (one I hadn’t seen before) led into the whole thing pretty delicately, asking about what anti-acids I’d been using, and how often, and whether that was helping, I assume trying to figure out whether I was having too much acid reflux to make myself eat.


Mr. Book has been worried about my eating for awhile; it’s a fair cop, I’ve stopped being interested in food, and tend to start having nauseating contractions when I eat, so I’ve just . . . largely stopped. Yes, this is a stupid plan. But the little bird appears to be doing fine! But—I keep going around in my head, uselessly.


7 thoughts on “Another Lame Update

  1. I’m going to keep you three in my thoughts this weekend Susie…please keep us updated and give a holler if there’s anything you need!

  2. given that you have some time, not progressing in terms of dilation isn’t really bad news (even if it feels bad); women can be 1-2 or even a bit more cm dilated for weeks (not forever, though).

    i hope you can eat & that you can sleep & rest a bit.

    been thinking of you & checking back so i am relieved for the update. there’s still time till near-thanksgiving….

  3. Isn’t it all about fundal height more? I can’t remember. I do remember how much it sucks to eat. My mom has a theory about predicting when a woman will go into labor (and it was true for me). She says it’s when you start feeling like you’re living in a glass box and everyone else lives outside of the glass box and you totally don’t care about anything happening out there. It’s that turning inward. She can see it in a woman and she’ll say, “She’ll give birth within a week.” She hung up the phone with me one night just before I went into labor and told my sister that it wouldn’t be long now. I can remember that feelings. Did you have it with Cricket? Are you having any of it now?

    • I did! Two days before I went into labor, I got super weird and withdrawn and found it really frustrating when people tried to talk to me; it felt like a distraction. Of course, that means I’ll *really* have to push myself to mention it here when it happens again…. 😉

  4. I don’t think it’s that unusual to not progress so quickly, but I imagine it can be frustrating.
    hope you can find something appealing to eat in the meantime.

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