Meredith, that was a great idea, and I totally used it. Thank you so much! The email got sent, finally.


No news from the midwives! Although I did meet one yesterday whom I hadn’t seen before, and I really liked her. It kind of stinks that the practice has seven midwives, so that I will really have no idea whether I am getting someone I like—but there isn’t anyone who I wouldn’t trust to catch a baby, so there’s that.(The practice also has one OB, but she only sees women planning on C-sections.) Monday night I asked the Mister to predict what day the little bird would actually be born, and he picked the same day that I had in mind (next Tuesday), so now I am completely irrationally looking forward to that day. My sister Kate picked this Saturday, which would be great, too. Anyone else want to go on the record?


My grandmother died last night; I’m not sure whether to say “suddenly,” as she has been in poor health for some time, but then yesterday she went to the hospital for an unrelated problem (she had been taking Aleve for pain and was having some stomach bleeding as a result) and her heart stopped. I won’t be able to go to the funeral—it will be a week from Saturday, and I’ll either be freshly delivered of a child or but a few days from my due date. I feel oddly helpless—I feel like a jerk for not flying down, but on the other hand, I do know that there’s really no way that I can.

13 thoughts on “Shards

  1. Sorry about your grandmother.

    I think that in moments like this–awaiting a babe–everyone just understands you can only do what you can do & flying isn’t one of those things. Anyone who doesn’t get that is projecting something else, finally.

    If I were seeing you in real life I’d absolutely tell you when things were happening before you thought so; I’m pretty skilled that way. From afar, a coin toss. But can’t wait to find out!

  2. My condolences, SusieBook — were you close? How is the rest of the family handling it? I’m sorry that you can’t be there and I hope it is because you have a four day old baby (that would be a Tuesday deliver, right?) and not because you are still pregnant.

    Noah was due on February 2nd (so Brett called him Puxatawney for his first year but I digress) and my birthday is 1/11. I so hoped he’d come on my birthday because I was SO TIRED of being pregnant! But he came on the 28th instead. I’ll admit that I cried on my birthday because I was so hoping that would be it. The last countdown in a pregnancy — ugh, it is so hard!

  3. I’m sorry about your grandmother. 😦 I’m sure everyone understands that you can’t fly down.

    I hope the little bird cooperates with your Tuesday delivery day plans. 🙂

  4. so sorry about your grandmother, susie. and that you can’t be there. nothing you can do about that.
    interesting the circle of life, though, eh?

    hoping you get a midwife you know, but I’m sure they will all be great. heck, even I caught a baby!

    wishing you well as you wait for the little bird to make his appearance!

  5. Thanks, everyone. I didn’t grow up close to my grandmother, but did live with her (while she was living with my parents) for a couple of years (mostly) before and (six months) after Cricket was born; she had had a number of strokes. My parents are now planning to move the memorial service back to mid-December, so I will probably be able to go after all. Glad about that.

  6. Susie, I’m so sorry about the loss of your grandmother. It’d be so nice if you could make it to the memorial service next month.

    The countdown to the little bird is on, and we’re all so excited for you. I’m imagining a delivery a week from tomorrow…

    Way to go on the email!! =)

  7. So sorry to hear about your grandmother’s death. I lost mine in April, and it is hard. I hope it works out for you to go to the memorial.

    And, Tuesday! I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

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