List Post

We’ve made it past a month! I’m still getting used to how hard it is for me to get anything at all done, so I choose to celebrate with a list of things Joey likes, and a list of things Joey hates.


  • Nursing
  • Baths, whether with his mom, with his dad, or solo in the tiny tub
  • Sleeping at the breast
  • Having his feet tickled
  • Getting his mom to look ridiculous: e.g., loudly singing Christmas carols while doing a strange bouncy walk on the way home to keep him content
  • Trying to suck his thumb


  • Being smeared with lotion after a bath (can’t really blame him)
  • Tummy time
  • Hats—do any babies like hats? We have some awfully cute ones sitting in a drawer, and I’m just wondering whether maybe a future baby might enjoy them, or whether baby hats exist purely for the enjoyment of adults. Oh, and warmth.
  • Being put down pretty much ever
  • Not being able to suck his thumb