List Post

We’ve made it past a month! I’m still getting used to how hard it is for me to get anything at all done, so I choose to celebrate with a list of things Joey likes, and a list of things Joey hates.


  • Nursing
  • Baths, whether with his mom, with his dad, or solo in the tiny tub
  • Sleeping at the breast
  • Having his feet tickled
  • Getting his mom to look ridiculous: e.g., loudly singing Christmas carols while doing a strange bouncy walk on the way home to keep him content
  • Trying to suck his thumb


  • Being smeared with lotion after a bath (can’t really blame him)
  • Tummy time
  • Hats—do any babies like hats? We have some awfully cute ones sitting in a drawer, and I’m just wondering whether maybe a future baby might enjoy them, or whether baby hats exist purely for the enjoyment of adults. Oh, and warmth.
  • Being put down pretty much ever
  • Not being able to suck his thumb

9 thoughts on “List Post

  1. Eddie didn’t mind hats. He wore a lot of them.

    It’s it crazy and cool how such tiny babies can have opinions and likes and dislikes already? I’ve always thought that was the neatest thing.

  2. Noah wore hats and still wears hats (some of the other homeschool kids refer to him as “Noah with the hat” because there is another Noah who does not wear hats). I thought it was because we started him young but then Madison came along and she hated hats from the get-go. There was a brief period when she was about a year when she wore a sunhat but that’s it.

    On the other hand, I’ve never met a baby who likes tummy time.

    • So then how did olde timey baby sleep work—is it somehow more appealing when they get to sleep that way as opposed to being stared at by wakeful grownups? Hmm. Thanks everybody who chimed in on hats; I now have a definite hope for next time!

    • He occasionally wants to sleep on his tummy, and gets gingerly rolled over by a parent. For whatever reason, I am terrified out of proportion of letting him sleep on his chest unless he’s on a parental chest, being closely observed. Ah, anxiety!

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