The grandparental visit is going really well so far. Last night they came over to our apartment with pizza so that they could spend dinner fussing over the baby; I made homemade Twix for dessert. It seems like everything I bake these days is liked better by other people than by me—hope I’m not losing my sweet tooth. I’m awfully tired (can’t sleep even when the baby sleeps, for some reason), but Joey’s Grandad and Oma are very in love with him, so I can just sort of trail along behind with a faint smile on my face. My dad is an avid amateur photographer, and I think there will be some pictures taken tomorrow.

We all went out to dinner for New Year’s Eve, and Joey was a little trooper; in a loud restaurant for almost three hours, he barely fussed, and only toward the end. He was mostly all smiles and attention, and he charmed the staff—we had a lot of employees visit the table, as well as the restaurant’s owner. The food was fantastic, probably the best meal I’ve ever had out (and my first time trying Peruvian food!), and I had a strong and irrational wish to share it with Joey. For every meal on Friday, he woke up just as our food arrived and wanted to nurse; he has seemed interested in our food for more than a week now, which is too bad for him! It’ll be months and months yet before I get to feed the little sprout anything but breastmilk. He’s so frustrated by his limitations at this point: his greatest desire seems to be to sit up on his own; his second greatest, to run. On the other hand, we got his first proto-laugh on Thursday. He’s pretty ticklish, and while I was washing his feet in the bath, starting playing his current favorite game—he sticks his foot out, I tickle it, and he jerks it back before giving it back to me. He was smiling and smiling, and then he made a kind of “Ah! Ah!” dry, chuckling sound.

Saturday we went to the science and industry museum, and I ended up being a bit gloomy. I’ve been looking forward for awhile to Cricket being old enough to enjoy things like the aquarium or the children’s museum—or the science museum. There were any number of toddlers there with their parents, and while it was great to have Joey with us, of course, he is infinitely more interested in nursing than in dinosaurs. I guess this leads me to an adoption etiquette question: Is it rude to suggest that we do something that costs money? We can pay for ourselves, of course, but I worry that it would be weird, or sound as though we are asking to be taken out. And heck, maybe they genuinely prefer sitting in our apartment all afternoon, although that’s difficult to believe!