Poor Pitiful List

The laptop is still busted, and now we all have the flu. Luckily, I was vaccinated in the fall, so Joey and I aren’t nearly as sick as Mr. Book . . . but altogether, I am not succeeding at the internet (or much of anything else) these days.

Joey seems to be teething about 800 teeth at once, so this week has been tough for him—the new bedtime routine involves some rocking and crying. He refuses any teething toys so far, and I’m pretty sure that he’s too young for baby orajel; hopefully he’ll feel better soon.

Mr. Book has been teaching Joey to make pigeon noises—he’s not that good at it yet, but he’s better than I am—he manages a cute little gurgling coo. Of course, he’s probably aided by all the mucus in his throat. I wonder whether he’ll be able to make the same sound once he’s over the flu.

We’ve started playing board games for entertainment. It’s hard to really watch a movie these days, and there aren’t many places we can really go out together, but if Mr. Book moves all the pieces while I hold Joey, we can play board games. I was disappointed in Crack the Case, although I hope to give it another try; Anti-Monopoly is our current favorite.

I’ve been trying different books out on Joey, but kept striking out—he wailed through many a board book—until I tried Strange But True Baseball Stories. Maybe he can tell that I’m interested, or maybe he’s just eager for tales from America’s pastime, but finally I am reading him something that he enjoys.

My husband is working a really ghastly schedule for the next few days (nine p.m. to six a.m.), so our Valentine’s Day is going to be distinctly subdued. We usually exchange small gifts and try to eat out; this year I am making a secret pie, hoping to make up for the fact that we won’t be going out for the foreseeable future.

Dawn’s call for discussions of Christian privilege have got me thinking; I’d love to write about that, but between the baby and the sick and the goldurned laptop, it’s hard to find the time. But maybe I should make it a priority.