I’m bad at anniversaries. I’m pretty good with birthdays, I think—I put them on a calendar and then make a fuss on the day—but to tell you the truth, I don’t know the real day of my anniversary with Mr. Book. I know when we got legally married, I know when the wedding was, and I sort of know when we became a couple . . . but not the date. It was the Friday before Thanksgiving in 2002. We’ve never really celebrated it or any other anniversary, but this year we’re planning on going out to dinner (a day late) for the wedding one, and I got him a card. So.

Two years ago today I stood in my parents’ backyard and was married by one of my sisters. Best decision I ever made. I’m pretty critically short on sleep right now (p. sure this is teething), but not too short to give my husband fond looks and talk him up on the internet. He’s a peach, and I’m a lucky woman.


10 thoughts on “Counting

  1. Happy anniversary to a wonderful couple! This is the cotton anniversary, according to Wik.ipedia; so, wearing pjs and getting some z’s would be very fitting. Congrats to you and the Mister!

  2. Happy Anniversary. I am finally going to comment after reading for half a year! I appreciate your writing style and your candid honesty.

  3. wishing you both a very happy anniversary!

    and you DO know the date when you became a couple. the number is not important — that you know it was the fri before t-day is enough.

    we made up a day to celebrate the anniversary of our ‘first date’ (or really when we became a couple). it was so long ago, I couldn’t tell you when it actually was. but we decided when it should be, based on a few other factors that were more symbolic.

  4. Thanks so much, everybody. =) No sleep yet, but Mr. Book has promised to kickstart the celebration tomorrow by letting me sleep in while he wrangles the snerks. Woo! Wooooooo!

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