Wears Joey

I think I’m going to write a series of posts about my parenting experiences so far. This may be extremely boring to read, but I want to have it written down where I can get at it later, so the blog it is.

Babywearing has really gone according to plan: lucky me. When I was pregnant, I hedged—we hope not to use a stroller, we plan not to use a stroller but know that blah blah—because I know what happens to the best-laid plans of expectant parents, and was fully prepared for my snerks-wearing dreams to gang agley. On the other hand, I had a number of baby carriers and no stroller, so clearly I had hope. And in fact, for at least these first six months, it’s been great. When he was just a little raisin, I used the moby wrap that luna gave us; when he was a little bigger, I used the Ergo that Molly gave us; and now that he’s past the six-month mark, I use the Ergo if I need to haul groceries or suchlike and the ring sling Sarah gave us otherwise. He loves being able to sit on my hip and look around, but misses, I think, being cuddled against my breasts when he’s tired.

You may have noticed that all three of the carriers we’ve used were gifts; we’ve been extraordinarily blessed in that regard. I have a mei tai that I bought before we got any such gifts, and I haven’t used it yet. (We also have a couple of woven gifted wraps that I’m a bit intimidated by.) We still don’t have a stroller, and while I recently, idly, read some reviews of cheapish strollers, I don’t think we need one, honestly—perhaps when he’s older. But he’s nineteen pounds now and that isn’t any trouble, and my mother has assured me that he won’t grow nearly so fast during the second half of this year. I’m not terribly clear on when exactly kids stop needing strollers and start walking alongside one, smirky blogs aside, but I can imagine wearing him up to about forty pounds, since I am regularly carrying more weight than that (see: groceries + baby).

The ring sling still makes me nervous; I can see clearly in my mind’s eye the ring suddenly letting slip the fabric, the baby starting to fall. But the little bug is awfully snug therein so far, and I suspect that I will start to relax in a few more weeks. And oh, it is beautiful.

Taken after we got home from the co-op, with the baby crashed out. It wasn't covering his face all day, I swear!

3 thoughts on “Wears Joey

  1. how awesome that the babywearing has gone so well! I/we loved that moby for the first 3-4 months, then needed something with a little more support. the slings never worked for us. eventually she also preferred facing forward for new perspective. now that our girl is almost 2, and 32 lbs!, I can’t really wear/carry her for very long anymore. it’s not just her weight but her STRENGTH. my hub wears a sturdy frame back pack and even that is too much after about an hour or so…

    after being carried for 18+ months, she LOVES her stroller now. it’s a totally new experience. great way to do errands when I need more mobility too. she loves to eat snacks in it. she’ll fit into it until about age 5, but we’ll see how long she likes it. still, a great investment, especially if you can get a good used one. meanwhile, very cool that you can do without for now. just don’t fret if you find he gets to be too much to carry sometimes…

  2. That sounds so great! That’s a sweet picture with his sweet blond hair peeking out. There’s a lively scene in the movie Away We Go where the couple takes a stroller as a gift to a friend, and they’re pretty taken aback by her response.

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