Baby Book List

  • Joey’s tooth is coming up slooowly, and the one next to it has started to bulge and redden beneath the gum. He hasn’t bitten me while nursing; instead, he holds something in his hand—usually a blanket or my finger—and will stop nursing to gnaw on that, then go back to nursing. He sometimes switches back and forth several times over a few minutes.
  • Everyone thought I was nuts for deciding that the snerkolater needed a haircut, but after it was done, I think most of them came around to my way of thinking—he had some goofy long stuff on top of his head. I think it looks like he has more hair now, but that could just be me.
  • On the flights home from Illinois, he was having a pretty rough time, so I started singing to him softly. Too softly! He moved his head until my lips were in his ear, stayed still for a minute, then whipped around to give me this delighted, triumphant grin–then jammed his ear against my mouth again. On the second flight, he started experimenting with moving his ear around my mouth and switching from ear to ear. My tiny little scientist.
  • On the second flight home, we were seated next to a man who was clearly unhappy about sitting next to a baby. Joey wanted badly to grab his denim jacket, and while I fended him diligently, there of course came a time when I was distracted and the snerks made his move. I moved him away from the poor man (again), apologized, . . . but noticed that instead of grabbing, Joey was using the open-handed “gentle touches” that we’d been practicing with my sister’s dog and felt ridiculously proud. Way to pet that jacket, son!
  • He insists on feeding himself 90 percent of the time, now. He’s eating a wide variety of foods and getting used to being washed in the sink after every meal—we’re making it work. So far he likes almost everything, although he’s pretty meh about avocado and eggplant and dislikes peas. He’s trying to figure out how he feels about cheese; my sense is that it is delicious but also somewhat overwhelming. When he tries a new food, he shudders pretty dramatically; without knowing this, the Dowager Book volunteered that my husband did the same thing as a baby.
  • Am I supposed to be teaching Joey to drink from a cup? He has a sippy cup and can handle it pretty well, but I’ve tried a real cup (toddler cups Sharon sent us, in fact) a couplefew times with predictably disastrous results. Should I just hand him a cup and stand by with a mop, or wait until he’s a little older? He’s mastered palmer but not pincer grasp, sits well, and enthusiastically flips cups over.
  • Picture day went off alright. Joey had skipped both naps earlier that day, so he was disinclined to smile at new people—I think he’s started to worry about strangers generally as well, which is quite a switch—but I think we got some nice shots. You’ll know as soon as I do!
  • Still no crawling. Give him something to lean on and he’ll stand, but the snerks has a process for getting to something interesting that carefully circumvents the possibility of crawling. First he reaches; then he complains and waits to see whether I will fetch it for him; then he rotates and rolls to get where he’s going. I have decided that he just won’t ever crawl or walk, and that he’ll be rolling off to college in eighteen years.
  • I’ve taken to bribing our cat Aztec so that he will tolerate the baby’s interest. Every time he is put upon b the baby, he gets a little wet food. Aztec will sit to one side of me and pretend that Joey doesn’t exist, and Joey will smile, coo, and croak, trying to get his attention.

4 thoughts on “Baby Book List

  1. That is so cute about Joey using the “gentle touch” on the guy’s jacket! =) It’s great you had the picture session and I can’t wait to see some shots. I hope teething goes okay and doesn’t get more painful for Joey.

  2. Teething sucks, but everyone has to go through it. As for teaching them to sip from a cup? I used to plop them in the bathtub and let them use cups for a few minutes. Obviously before I used any soap and the water got dirty! Worked like a charm and didn’t matter if they spilled as they were learning. Also, warm, sunny days are good times to practice. Doesn’t matter if they spill water outside and they will dry quickly.

  3. I, uh, feel as though I need to post an update: He’s crawling. At least, I think he’s crawling—he moves like a swimmer, big arm and leg movements, tilting somewhat from side to side. But crawling. Hey, I bet he never, er, starts talking! [crosses fingers]

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