He’s Taller, Too

  • Joey is pulling himself up to stand, and stood on his own once (briefly).
  • He’s also cruising!
  • His Oma successfully taught him to give high fives
  • Snerks is also trying to talk, I think. You know, I ask whether he wants to try (something) and he says “Aye!”
  • He has done some real crawling, but mostly still just belly crawls.
  • Joey’s two favorite things in the world are to chase people (that is, someone holds him and points him at another person; person two runs away, and person one [and Joey] give chase) and to be held up and scooted around while he pedals his little feet as though running.



I owe you a real post: soon.


3 thoughts on “He’s Taller, Too

  1. What a really great baby age! and the fact that you call him “Snerks” makes me happy–love that! Be careful, tho…standing leads to walking and talking which leads to having real live children who are not babies anymore. ;0

    • I know what you mean—I told the Mister that hearing him try to talk is like hearing one of the cats try to talk—I don’t know why I keep being surprised that he’s growing, but I am.

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