Happy Halloween! How are y’all celebrating?

Joey went trick or treating in the village this afternoon (just wandering with other kids, not actually soliciting candy); he’s a member of the Green Lantern Corps. I didn’t see that movie—it looked truly awful—but I’ve been a geek for a very long time, and since there are many and varied members of the Corps (a living planet! Sheep people! Beings who exist in worlds without light!), it seems perfectly possible that a baby might be called upon to defend his world in this way. We wandered around and looked at the other children and heroes and monsters and cowered away from yellow things. I carved a couple of jack-o-lanterns; I made pumpkin ice cream.  We have a big bowl of candy half empty now, dedicated to trick-or-treaters. I am content with my level of Halloweeniness this year.

Cricket and his family don’t celebrate Halloween; he did dress up for Purim last year, but embarrassingly, when I saw a picture of him in costume, I just thought he was better-dressed than usual. I found out later that this was his costume, but not what he was supposed to be. Perhaps a hipster?


3 thoughts on “Spooky

  1. Aww, Joey’s costume sounds so cute! I’ve been wanting to try pumpkin ice cream. I made a Halloween ribbon wreath to hang on our door and handed out candy to a bunch of cute kids in our building. My favorites were a baby skunk, a Peter Pan, and a little Russian toddler dressed like Dracula. Happy Halloween!!

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