More and More

It’s officially a rough patch here: my brother is in the hospital with kidney failure. He’s twenty-two years old. I don’t know how much medical information is interesting from the outside, but his blood oxygen levels are bad, his kidney function is nil, and he is severely anemic; his blood pressure is very high. He’s been diagnosed with thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura, but that doesn’t seem to cover all of his problems. All of these things are being dealt with, and we’re figuring out which family members match his blood type and would be willing to donate a kidney (we have two, bless them), premature as I hope that is. My mother has flown out to be with him, but he’s otherwise alone in town right now—he lives in the same town as Kate, but she’s out of the country with friends.

The doctor thinks it very likely that he’ll recover, but things are pretty bad for him right now.