Still Here

Oh boy, massive laptop troubles! We’ve bought ourselves a little time, but just went through a couple of days without ole lappy, and blegh. Reason #38573 why Mr. Book needs work: we need to replace the antique laptop. I’m celebrating my return with a list post.

  • The Tootleberry has discovered running and been wholly converted. We have acquired a toddler leash. When I told my parents, my dad said “We didn’t need one with you kids” and got weird looks from me and from my mom; they absolutely did need a leash for one of my sisters and for my brothers. It’s just a temperament thing, I guess, but the Snerks wants to run into traffic, to tool around on his own, and not to hold hands, no no no. He’s perfectly happy to wear his harness—much happier than he is being carried or having his hands forceably held—so I feel okay about harnessing the Toot.
  • Not much word from the Emerald City: Nora is seeing Cricket infrequently, and he’s sad and worried that he might have driven her away. Hopefully they can all find a new normal quickly.
  • We’re going to visit my mother-in-law, the first time I’ve seen her in three and a half years; Mr. Book is leaving tomorrow, and the Snerks and I will join him Saturday. I’m worrying about the trip, but we would very much like for her to meet Joey, and she could really use a little help around the house. But you may get a desperate, slightly crazed blog post from me early next week.
  • Joey has turned out to be a huge grapefruit fan. If I want to eat a grapefruit these days, I need to cut and section two of them—he will eat a whole one all on his own, and might very well eat more if permitted. (We have oro blanco grapefruit growing in the yard and available at the farmers market, so it’s not the sugar that he’s after: no sugar on these!)
  • I’m really enjoying having a toddler so far. Part of that might well be that I have a relatively cheerful and laid back toddler; sure, there is persistent mischief every day, multiple times per day, but he’s a sweet kid and a good eater and just funny as anything.
  • I’m still not having a great time brain-wise, but am muddling along.

2 thoughts on “Still Here

  1. It is really good to read an update. I’m thinking of you guys and hoping that R&N give Cricket extra support and love at this time. Also, you and Mr. Book are showing him that you guys will always be there. Hope you guys have a good trip to see your MIL–please do post from there when you can!

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