Sorry to drop off the face of the earth for so long, and thanks for asking after me—I am, in fact, still pregnant—the most pregnant I’ve ever been. Today is my due date, I am gigantic, but the Possum seems fine and I’m feeling surprisingly patient about the whole thing. My sister Kate came to visit, hoping to see the birth, but she’s leaving tomorrow morning and I am still just having prelabor. My father’s also leaving town, going to Ireland for most of the summer, and they’d both very much like to meet Tiny when he arrives. Ah, well.


It’s hard to explain why I’ve been gone; I’m tired, of course, but I’ve been tired before. The only adoption news is that Ruth and Nora are now a year behind on sending pictures as per our open adoption agreement, and they’ve stopped liking pictures of Joey on Facebook (I know how dumb that sounds, but we tend to like pictures of the boys that the others post, and they have stopped). Radio silence. It doesn’t seem like the right time to push, since we’re about to be pretty busy, but I have enough time to notice and be discouraged.


I’ll try to update promptly once our Possum arrives—the OB seems content to let us wait at least another week without a fight, which is a relief, so it could be a week or two. Or perhaps I’ll give birth while my family is on the way to the airport. Who can say?


6 thoughts on “Nothing

  1. I’m so glad to see an update from you, though I wondered if it would be a true baby update! I’m so, so sorry that Ruth and Nora suck at following through and being supportive and lots of the other positive things they could be doing. Thinking of you and all the boys in your life.

  2. I completely get the liking on Facebook thing, that doesn’t sound dumb at all. And i’m glad to see an update, I was just thinking of you a day or so ago and wondering how you’re doing.

  3. Thinking of you this weekend and feeling very excited about the baby possum on the way! I wish you’d get photos from R&N this summer – a year behind is oh so bad. I can’t wait to hear about when the Snerks meets his baby brother for the first time. And then hopefully all three boys can visit sometime in the next year.

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